Introduction to theme.usq

The goal of theme.usq is to provide University of Southern Queensland (USQ) staff and students a quick and easy way to apply USQ colours and typography to graphs created in R using the base graphics package or ggplot2 while providing clear graphs for reports and presentations. All of the colours provided are defined in USQ’s Visual Identity Colour Palette and follow the order in the PowerPoint Corporate templates.

This package has been tested on macOS, Ubuntu Linux and USQ computers using Windows 7. For Linux users, if you have not installed the MS Core Fonts, you will need to do that for this package to function properly and generate the graphs with the proper typography. Windows and macOS users should be ready to go with just the installation of this package.


If you do not already have R installed, because theme.usq is an R package, you will need to install R first. Download and install the proper version for your computer from CRAN. It is also suggested to have RStudio installed as well. You can download the proper installation file from for your platform.

Once R and RStudio are set up, you’re ready to install theme.usq through an R session.

The theme.usq package is only available from GitHub. The easiest way to install it is by using the remotes package.

The installation may take some time as some system fonts need to be catalogued to use the Microsoft Verdana font that USQ suggests. Once the installation is complete, it should not be necessary to re-catalogue the fonts, so loading theme.usq will not take any longer than expected.

To install theme.usq copy and paste the code in the following code block in your R session console.


               dependencies = TRUE,
               build_vignettes = TRUE)


Keeping theme.usq up-to-date

Since theme.usq is still under development with bug fixes and new features being added and it is not available from CRAN; update.packages() will not update it. To keep theme.usq updated, use:


Examples of how to use theme.usq can be found in the vignette, e.g., vignette("theme.usq") and online,